Terms of Membership
Terms of Membership
for MA Plus Membership at Matchangler.com (MA.com).

  1. All members must respect the copyright content of THE SITE (Matchangler.com). No material or information may be passed to outside Third Parties who may gain advantage from it, whether it be Financial or Credibility
  2. Content available to members CAN ONLY be used 'OFF-SITE' by those parties who have no Financial or Credibility to gain from said content. Specific permission's MUST, however, be given first by Matchangler.com, prior to use of that content. Please contact us via the members email link for authorisation of use.
  3. Any content used by other parties must contain a credit to Matchangler.com. Any Blog, Forum or Website using Matchangler.com content, must contain a return link to Matchangler.com.
  4. ALL MEMBERS will have automatic entrance to our yearly site matches, either in the UK or abroad. This entry does not include any fishery booking fees or pools entries. ONLY MEMBERS will be allowed to fish these matches and will be notified of their structure/details by email well in advance of events.
  5. Members LOGIN details are private to that member and cannot be transferred to, or used by, any other outside third party unless prior consent is given.

Matchangler.com goes to great lengths to gather information for the benefit of its own site and its members, and will not hesitate to EXCLUDE ANY member it feels has infringed its copyright without first obtaining the appropriate authorisations from Matchangler.com.

These terms and conditions do not affect Matchangler.com's legal rights.