Saturday's Gallery

Mark Downes gives an interview directly after day one's
stunning result


Not long to go now!
The two hours leading up to the 'OFF' allows competitors and various other elements (especially Press) to walk along and see just how things are 'shaping up', like who's who and where they are. during this preliminary period, it's a time of concentration and application for many of these competitors and an ideal opportunity to gather some informal shots of various people, before the intense period of contest begins. Here we offer this brief slideshow as an introduction to what will ultimately become, one of the finest Championships of modern times.

30 Minutes

It's quite difficult to describe being on the bank and watching world class anglers in a  Championship event to all of our many visitors, both here in the UK and globally. It's not like anything many of them will ever witness, and certainly bears no comparison to the normal commercial matches up and down the UK each weekend. I can however, thoroughly recommend you try to attend one of them at some point in your life!


So, in the meantime, to enable you to get some sort of dimension and flavour of the initial moment of an event, we've made this particular slideshow cover the first 30 minutes, after the start on Saturday, with the aid of our camera's in-built timer, which dates and times every shot taken on it, it shows the action, timed when it actually happened. The time is detailed as 10 (is hour):30 (is minutes):10 (is seconds)

All the shots were taken within the viewing location of our camera, between pegs 16 and 24, focussing mainly on the Sorti/Raison battle on pegs 18 and 19. We shall also have a separate 'flash' slideshow coming, detailing the time it takes to get one of the canals carrassio/carp out! Our 'demonstrator' will be none other than one of Italy's finest anglers, Gianluigi Sorti. Remember, the elastics many were using were only between Latex 1.0 to 1.2mm... not exactly your bag up 'laccies'! 

There are two flash slideshows below, which illustrate what a competitor can be faced with during the three hours of competition. We in the UK are use to 5 hours fishing, with time at the end to land any decent fish. International matches have no such luxury. In three hours a competitor has to get it right, FIRST TIME, because 3 hours does not give him opportunity to reverse any mistakes in approach he may have made prior. Fish also need to be landed quickly to maximise a baits' every second in the water. There is NO time allowed to land a fish, once the final signal goes... if it isn't in the net clear then it's disqualifed... it's that simple!

These slideshows amply demonstrate two of the main issues. First, we show Italy's Gianluigi Sorti land a good fish in under two and a half minutes. This was representative of both the Italian and his English counterpart Will Raison. Tackle and nerve is tested to the limit with this approach for a competitor cannot afford to lose valuable time, while a fish gives him the 'runaround'!

Our second slideshow shows what happens when the 3 hours is nearly up and you have a fish on the other end of your line! Mind you, it does help to have someone nearby with a stop watch which has been set from the final 5 minute signal!


William's fish playing techniques'
Many around Will Raison's home area will be familiar with his style of playing fish, in particular carp. With fish between 1lb and 'doubles' Will has developed a technique of playing carp over many years of catching in fish-filled fisheries, like his own Gold Valley. It is both quick and effective and under match conditions, saves valuable time when you're on a 'shedful'... at least for him!

We don't necessarily recommend that you try some of the following styles at home, not everyone's Will Raison. What we do suggest is that you look at the numerous ways in which Will handles fish under pressure... World Championship pressure! All those years at Gold Valley have given him the utmost confidence in his equipment and a belief in his own abilities, lessons for us all to learn from.


The following shots are not a 'blueprint' of playing a fish, they are merely a graphic description of how Will Raison feels he needs to control any particular fish which he hooks, under certain conditions. They are not all of the same fish!

One important factor during William's match on Saturday was his elastic, Blue Hydro. While others favoured more conformist items like the various latex products, Will stuck with what he knows to be reliable. Blue Hydro offers a 'pumping' facility because of its unique liquid-filled construction. By dropping the pole during the final part of playing a fish, you can take up slack elastic. This is due to the pole bush 'nipping' the liquid-filled elastic, allowing the excess elastic to remain in the pole section because of the pressure of liquid within it, which helps act as a 'brake'. If the fish decides to run again then you simply drop the pole tip and the elactic runs free. Another major bonus of the Hydro is its durability. They say you get what you pay for and Hydro is no exception. With a life span far exceeding that of any other in the market, its value can extend for seasons, not just a few months!


Those Moments of Truth!
At the end of the day all things are shown in their true light at the weigh-in. Fortunes and mis-fortunes are clearly visible as the scales move from one competitor to another. Also plain to see are the pre-post-mortems going on between the many team officials and competitors alike.

We hope you find these snapshots of the two hours 'after the event' interesting.


And to complete our Saturday gallery coverage, here's a final selection for you...