Welcome to the start of what we hope will be a long and productive In-Depth series, dealing with some of the finer issues in match-fishing. Issues such as plumbing-up, striking, pole roller use. In association with Europes newest magazine, we shall bring you developed features from their experienced and highly effective journalistic team which we hope will encourage you to go on to greater things in your own individual countries.

Plumbing the Depths
If you have ever watched any of the world's top anglers setting up before a match, you may have noticed one particular thing... they spend a long time plumbing-up. Our second In-Depth feature gets down to the very bottom of things and explains just how the world's best approach, what seems on the surface to be, a very simple task... HOWEVER ... READ MORE
Hooked On... Bloodworm and joker
We begin a fascinating series in conjunction with a brand new magazine from France, InfoPêche. So what better way to start, than with a VERY close look at two iconic continental baits, bloodworm and joker, and how to hook them... READ MORE

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