Welcome to Friday's Video Diary from Merida, Spain. We have three videos for you as well as some brief information about the England team.
The weather, as you will see from some of our comments on the videos, has changed. Cloud covered the area from the start of the day, which in a way was a welcome relief from the oppressive 34-37° heat. This seemed to have an effect on the fishing generally, as previous days had been devoid of any breeze, only during the late afternoon did it appear and try to distrurb the flat calm conditions. Section A is showing that this will probably the place where some big weights could develop over the two day event. There are several uneven area of bottome due to the river's actually formation, more of which we'll cover on our return to the UK.
England team news is that Stu Conroy is the reserve, but bearing in mind that England tend to have a policy of substituting their worse day one points scorer, Stu could easily get his chance come Sunday.
Our three videos interviews are with Belgian team manager Roland Marqc, Spain's most feared and respected angler 'Curro', and a brief chat with 5x World Champ Alan Scotthorne. We hope you enjoy them.
We'll bring you more tomorrow evening with a written report containing some pictures and a results sheet for you to look over.