It was a great day for the UK. As well as England, the Irish, Scots and Welsh occupied places within the top six... with England heading the pack... see the results NOW, and watch our video diary report.

In temperatures breaching the middle 40's, the 160 competing anglers battled to stay cool. It also helped their 'mindset' if they were catching carp, rather than bleak!

From a UK and Ireland pespective, it couldn't have been sweeter.... all four countries made the top six... with England crowning them all. We hope to bring you a slightly deeper in-depth video account later tonite from the poolside of our hotel, as we endeavour to bring our body temperatures down! In the meantime you'll find PDF links below, to all the days sections and team/individual classifications.

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Our diary videos from Saturdays first round match follows. It's rather large, but hopefully enjoyable. We then have a brief view of part of section D.