2011 World Champs Contents page
Ostellato, Italy

Here is the start of our Video Galleries. This is something new for us this year, where we hope to improve and increase the visual part of our coverage. Below will show links to the various Galleries as they become available. These will contain, for uploading purposes, limited numbers.
Our first Video Gallery is now ready and contains 40 minutes of videos... ENTER

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So far we have included 18 video clips (some of which are incorporated in the forthcoming DVD of this year's Championships), within the WC coverage, more than any other year. Some of these are in place of some of the features we usually post, as we also feel that these clips give a greater feel to the event and also impart more information. We still have a couple more clips to produce, but these will take time as we are now working on our picture galleries, so keep logging in to catch up!

ALL Photo Galleries have now been uploaded, which concludes our coverage of this year's event in Italy.

We start our coverage with a brief Diary Report from Wednesday's practice session... SEE DIARY

Added to Thursday's Video Diary is a brief report from the Feeder Champs in Todi. It seems that Holland have taken command of the top medal position from Ukraine, with England down around 7th position. Three bad scores from Darren Cox, Steve Hemingray and Mick Vials left England with a lot of ground to make up. It seems 6th man Dean Barlow will take over from Mick Vials for the final day and it's hoped that with a good draw, the team can come back from the dead and secure a podium slot! ... SEE DIARY

Apologises for the late upload of Friday's Video Diary...things were taking longer than expected as we encountered some technical issues! ... SEE DIARY

Saturday's results don't show England in a good position, but, not for the first time, the team will fight hard to secure a medal position, although realistically, any dreams of gold seem forlorn and out of the question.
Two surprises stand out in the team result. First there is South Africa...not exactly skimmer and bream territory, more like crocodiles and snakes! The team have put in an enormous amount of work and didn't come to Ostellato simply to make up the numbers, as their solid 7th place shows. A good draw for the final day could see them secure, or overtake, the odd team or two above them. We wish them luck to this end. Secondly France...current European Champions. They have had some stark lessons showered on them today. Skimmers and bream are not your normal gallic recipe for success, but they entered this contest with some momentum and purpos, only to see themselves consigned to their usual place in the listings. Maybe they will pick up some more useful info from today's event and produce a more measured approach to the task in hand on the final run in!
Check out the full Saturday results sheets here...CLICK
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The event comes to a close, and while we work on an exclusive interview with both Gold medallist Andrea Fini and Bronze medallist Ferrucio Gabba.
The Gabba and Fini Interview

Here are the final complete results to download. Our apologises for any delay... CLICK

We now have a special video taken before and after the question:
How do you take the news of becoming a World Champion...

JUST ADDED: Thursday's Opening Parade and presentation of the teams took place in Ferrara's historic Piazza del Castello and concluded with the famous Italian flag throwing display... SEE DIARY