Our second Video Gallery contains a sad scene, that is sad for England, as it sees the sparkling WC trophy leave England's grasp, just before the final whistle! Other videos are of some action and an unusual aid to using the pole! There are not many more videos to come, which shall be added to a final Gallery 3. Again, available through the Contents page. We hope you enjoy them.

Goodbye dear friend!
It's always a sad time to say goodbye to an old friend, but England's joint manager Mark Addy is quite philosophical about it. Maybe it will pay England another visit in the future?

An interesting aid to pole fishing!
With temperatured soaring in the high 30's, poles where becoming too hot to handle.
Here's a simple way to keep your hands from burning, as well as handling the pole more easily when shipping in and out!

Some action...
Pretty self explanatary. Maybe you got caught by our camera?