There are lots more interviews and action videos from Saturday and Sunday to come. I hope to get them ready for you all over the coming days/weeks.

Here's some action shots from Friday's practice session, featuring Sweden, Ireland and Hungary:

Below, we have the first Sunday diary, which features one of Slovenia's top anglers. We speak to him in very windy conditions, so we apologise for the sound quality. Slovenia excelled on day one, but a disappointing day two saw them drop a place into the silver medal position. Still a fantastic achievement for such a tiny country. Coming up are interviews with Sweden's Freddy Anderson and Starlets captain Mark Downes (who we just managed to capture at the closing ceremony!).

Here's the presentation ceremony video:

The first day of competition didn't go too well for Starlets. We interview both Darren's who had contrasting days!
(the first 46 seconds of this video has no sound, due to me not turning on the microphone!!!)

We also have another interview with two of Scotland's anglers, David McCauley and Martin Greene.


Here's Friday's diary:

Our first diary is from Thursday's practice period: