Welcome to the 2013 World Championship contents page
from the Zeranski Canal, Warsaw, Poland, 14-15th September

Our final two videos from day 2 have now been uploaded on our video diary page - 22nd Oct.  Video Diary page... CLICK

Below you will find links to our Video Diary page, showing a brief overview of practice and competition days. This will begin on the evening of Wednesday 11th September. We will also include downloads of the full results from the 2 days of competition.
We will also try and include more comprehensive videos of the championship, which will be posted on YouTube, mainly because of size. These will be more detailed from the practice and competition days and will replace any other stories. Hopefully, this will avoid the unnecessary delays of past events.



Thursday 12th September
Once more we were faced with internet connection problems in our hotel. Having now re-established an adequate connection, we can now bring you Wednesday's Diary report from a dripping Poland. In fact, as I look out of my hotel window over Zegrze Reservoir this morning, the heavens are once more depositing their unwanted water reserves on us! It's only the ducks who are having a good time. It's unlikely that many of the practicing competitors will escape a good soaking, or some poor practice returns in these conditions!

Thursday's video diary is now uploaded and we've managed to get three interviews, from some of the UK teams, about their practice sessions. Plus, we have an insight into the venue's tactics by one of Poland's National team anglers. At over 19 minutes duration, it's one of our longest video diaries!

Friday saw continuous rain for the duration of final practice. Our diary contains an interview with joint England captain Mark Downes and the teams sector draw. Saturday morning will see where each angler will be in the section and this will be shown in Saturady's diary.

England's AWESOME first day performance on the Zeranski Canal in northern Warsaw is worthy of the highest praise and matches those performances of the Juniors and Ladies earlier this year. In conditions that closely resembled an England 'Cut', but only wider, Team Drennan England took the home side Poland, to the cleaners with a masterful display of roach fishing. Their final score of 7 points was half of the home sides 14pts, with Belgium on 20, France on 23 and the Czech Republic on 29pts. With FOUR section winners, the team go into Sunday with only the Gold medal to lose...and who would bet on that. France may finish strongly and Poland will still be dangerous. The draw will prove vital for England, as it will for most, but the teams roach skills are a match for anyone in the world.
We will post the full PDF downloadable results later this evening and maybe a special video interview with TWO of the squad's section winners!!!

The final day begins, with England facing the possibility of winning team gold and having 3 anglers on the podium, but will Poland or any other team let them? We will bring you the full results as soon a possible, but Sunday evening is always later and limited due to the presentation ceremony. A brief note of the day will be uploaded along with the full downloadable results. There are many more video clips to bring you later next week on our return to UK.

Team England's joint Managers give us the secrets of the teams amazing win... it's basically roach fishing English style!!!!