Our Review section will contain coverage of tackle and services, which we feel are good value and of benefit to our visitors. It will include our existing
in-depth Tackle Detectives, moved from the Features Section, and two new additional categories... Tackle Shed and Really Useful. These will deal with products and services in a more reduced and compact presentation. The whole of this section has been designated FREE ACCESS.

As always, we'll try to achieve an unbiased report on what WE find, not what's 'written on the label'. We'll endeavour to place reviews which are worthwhile and not just 'slapped-in' after a quick look at the subject being tested. We'll check them out as thoroughly as possible, but make it very clear that we are not technical experts... just ordinary guys who are looking at the same things, in the same way, that the majority of anglers out there do!

We trust you will find our reports both frank and honest