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Finely separated!Finely separated!A Tale of Two Teams - PART 2
We continue with our coverage of the 2014 European Championships and a final day which saw a dramatic turnround in the fortunes of two teams. With rain forecast, this final day would see many hopes of a medal dashed in what turned out to be a disappointing finalé to an intriging championship...READ MORE


Separated by 1pt!Separated by 1pt!A Tale of Two Teams - PART 1
The 2014 European Championships was notable for several reasons, not least of which was the unseen battle between the worlds best team and a team who many had not given much of a podium chance to. In fact this team may well become one of the worlds leading countries in the coming years, based on current and passed performances... READ MORE


6 TIMES!6 TIMES! A delayed report from the 19th European Angling Championships in Novi Sad, Serbia. 29-30th June 2013
by Dave Johnson, Matchangler.com
It was in 2006 that Belgium last graced the European winners pedestal. Since then results have been mixed, with the odd minor podium position. Their world form has been even more distant, but in Novi Sad this July they put all that aside and came from a 6th position on day one to blaze past everyone, Hungary and Italy alike and take the European gold medal for the 6th time in its history... READ MORE

A Bleak Outlook!
An appraisal of one teams successful strategy, by Dave Johnson
The 2012 Euros produced some memorable displays… Spain’s Mario Mateos Doncel’s perfect score, Will Raison’s 2nd day slider masterclass and especially the Serbian bleak strategy, that helped them onto the podium... READ MORE
Italia, the cream of the crop in Spain
With plenty of fish showing to all teams during practice week on the Guadiana river, this year was looking to be a tougher proposition for England, especially with Italy riding high… READ MORE
Italy secure Euro Champs
As if winning the 2011 WC and 2012 WCC was not enough, Italy confirmed their status as the current leader in the world of international angling with an emphatic victory here in Merida, Spain... READ MORE
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