Saturday Report (late... apologise!)
Unfortunately time got the better of me and I was not able to produce any Video Diary. The official results for Saturday show England taking the day, but by only 2pts from 'hot-favourites' Portugal and strong challengers Italy, 5pts off England.
The day was up and down with anglers taking many small fish, interspersed with the odd larger fish of around 600-1200 grams, and these were mainly barbel, which fought hard on the fine big waggler set-ups. We shall go into more detail regarding how these elasticated rigs were made, and how they came onto the World/European stage, first in 1993 at Coruche.
We shall try to get an interview with one of the England managers on the final morning and then speak to some of the winners after the final results are announced.
We includem, as a consolation, a short video of England manager Mark Addy describing the bait required for Coruche and the limits that apply.

Congratulations to all those people who spotted the deliberate mistake by England manager Mark Addy. He did, of course, mean 17 LITRES of GROUNDBAIT... NOT...JOKER!!!