Sliding across frontiers
Although rarely used in the UK, slider fishing has played an important role aross Europe, where feeder fishing is still prohibited in many competitions. But are we, as a somewhat insular race, missing out on this underated method by not fully appreciating how effective it can be, given the right set of circumstances? Dave Ewing analyses the different styles in this feature, developed by the world's leading slider nations... READ MORE

A 'Challenge' with a twist!
Our close German partners, Champions-Team, have produced a feature on bolognese fishing with Ralf Herdlitschke and their Ladies' World Champion, Steffi Bloch. While being informative it has an amusing twist to it, well worth a visit... READ MORE
'Blast from the Past'
Soil – Underestimated... Misunderstood!
It's something the UK lags well behind in, the application of soil with groundbait. We begin our 'Blast from the Past' by re-visiting one of our earlier articles focussing on this fascinating subject and just exactly what it entails. We have re-styled and upgraded the feature to make it clearer and hopefully as interesting as its predecessor... READ MORE

Leams & Soils
Following numerous request for features on leams and soils, we go back in time, some four years ago, to our Belgian correspondent Mark Turners' successful Belgian Blends series, were he explains the 'basics' and 'uses' of the various types of leams and soils available...  READ MORE
'Blast from the Past'
Preparing soil the Schoubben Way!
The second in our upgraded 'Blast from the Past' features goes to what is widely accepted as the spiritual home of 'soil'... Belgium, where one of their country's finest
anglers prepares some dirt... READ MORE
The FeederMeister of Gladbeck: PART 1
It's widely acknowledged that when it comes to feeder fishing England doesn't necessarily sit at the top of the tree! Dutch anglers have been at the forefront and masters of this method for many years, but now there is someone who has developed a fearsome reputation when it comes to competing against them on their own 'turf'... READ MORE

Having produced a superb bag of bream from above the weir during a morning spell, Michael and his trusty reporter drop below it to sample the foaming flowing water using a different feeder technique. Will they match their mornings work or not?... READ MORE

Slider 'Slabs'
The 'Slider'... rarely seen in England, but used extensively on the continent and Ireland where water runs a bit deeper! England international and Milo's UK Manager Simon Willsmore puts the method to the test at Twynersh Fishery and surprises himself!   READ MORE