Our WC Contents is where all the details from this year's event in Merida, Spain are posted.
***Our coverage of this year's World Championships is now complete. We will be looking at the role of playing and landing large fish in a special feature to be produced later.***

We have a special set of vidoe interviews, talking to England's Steve Gardener about his extraordinary achievements with England, spanning a 23 year career, covering 24 World Championships. Since 1987 Steve has been one of the teams most iconic and respected members. He gives a rare personal insight into some of both his, and the teams, greatest achievements... READ MORE

Gallery slideshows have now been uploaded!
We apologise for the delay in bringing these photos from the event due to pressure of work and available time. Because of the volume of photos in the Galleries, we have had to split them into TWO pages...

Will the Real Drennan Team England take a bow!
Steve Martin
looks at this year's World Championships in Spain from a different angle. He explains how Team Drennan England's success, was not only about the five guys fishing on the bank, but rather the backup they received behind them and just how significant its support became... READ MORE

Deja Vu perhaps?

Steve Martin found himself during the first day of competition in the far-away section A, which all practice week had shown to be the best place to draw. It did not disappoint and he reports on some hectic action from this area of River Guadiana. He even recalled similarities with another World Championship he attended, almost 10 years earlier... READ MORE

When you're hot... you're HOT!

And we don't mean the weather, although with 40° plus temperatures and little shade in some of the sections, you could be forgiven for thinking that. In reality, it was more to do with England's performance on a tricky venue in Spain... READ MORE

Who did, or didn't, get it RIGHT – Part One

This wasn't as clear cut a Championship as first thought. For a start there were number of teams with all the right credentials to reach a top ten place. Some did make it, some didn't. It's pretty obvious who they were, but what about the teams who weren't obvious candidates yet still they made it. Part One deals with some of the teams who did make the grade, Part Two deals with those who didn't… READ MORE
Who did, or didn't, get it RIGHT – Part Two... READ MORE

Practice makes 'Perfect'
Steve Martin takes a look back on the final few days of practice on Spain's River Guadiana in Merida, where it had been proving a challenge for the 32 teams entered in this year's World Championships... READ MORE

Worth it's Weight in Gold?
Could this have been the most defining moment in England's quest for team gold? Sean Ashby hooked and landed a carp minutes before the final all-out signal sounded, and possible felt the most relieved (more than likely!) Englishman in Spain... READ MORE

News from the bank:
Here is a short introductory video of the final hours of Wednesday's practice session from the Guadiana River. CLICK

Diary Reports: 
These also include Special Video Diaries, which we hope will bring an even greater flavour of the Championship. We also have included some interviews with competing anglers and managers present.

Friday: CLICK
Saturday: CLICK
Sunday: CLICK

The Presentation Ceremonies for individuals and teams: CLICK

Video interviews:  see Diary Reports above

Main Results:
Saturday: CLICK